Our kennels and large play area's have been a huge hit with both our new and existing clients! Our guests can wander around in their 'gardens' at their leisure and say hello to their neighbours.  They can bask in the sun or play with the toys but whatever they choose to do they get lots of fresh air and stimulation.

We have kennels to accommodate all sizes and needs of pets from Newfoundlands to Chihuahuas and from 'oldies' to puppies. We have cozy kennels for the older and more nervous, timid dogs and they are also ideal for puppies.

We also have family kennels for owners who have a number of dogs wishing to share.

Our smaller kennels have an internal, tiled area all of which are fitted with an infra red heat lamp.  In addition each kennel has its own external covered run. Together with these areas our guests also take it in turns to play in the exercise garden.  Here they can run free, chase a ball, meet their neighbours and generally have a good old sniff around. We also have larger kennels for our larger guests.  They too have a similar arrangement with their exercise areas.

About Pyke Boarding Kennels

Pyke Boarding Kennels Ltd is a small, friendly business, offering individual and personal attention to all our guests.  We know all our boarders by name and use it regularly; this is very comforting and reassuring for your pet. There is also a television or radio on at all times during the day for our boarders to listen to; this gives them that homely feel!


We insist that all boarders are inoculated and all boosters are up to date. Vaccination cards need to be produced before pets will be accepted to board.


We routinely feed in the mornings. We feed a high quality dry complete mix. If you have different requirements, or your pet has a special diet and you would like your dog on his own food, this will always be met.  We are also happy to administer medication which your pet may require at the time of their stay.



We supply all freshly laundered vet bedding for our guests. However, if you would like to bring your pets own bed, or that special toy to give he/she that familiar smell, that is fine also.   

⭐️⭐️Very are pleased to confirm that Pyke Boarding Kennels Ltd, Sherston, have been awarded Wiltshire Council’s 5 * Rating for Boarding Kennels   ⭐️⭐️

Pyke Boarding Kennels Ltd - 07748 971465


Company No: 06640505 | Public Register - Animal Boarding Establishments:  LN/000000122


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